The Power of Voting: Be Aware!

Election season is upon us, and it is extremely important for everyone, especially millennials, to go out and vote!

Considering that millennials represent the largest living generation in the US, their votes can and will make a huge impact on who will win the election.

Nov. 8, 2016, is the big day and in order for voting to be a success students need to be informed about voting regulations. Including knowing where polls are located as well as their voter registration status.

For some students this year will be their first time voting and they should realize the significance in doing so.

“I believe it is important to vote this season,” said junior Malik Puryear, “Because you want the best person possible running the country to ensure that the improvements that have been made don’t get destroyed.”

Not participating leaves many votes unaccounted for which could easily make one party take the win. Of students surveyed, a majority of them knew their designated voting locations and were registered to vote.

With 149 polling stations in Missouri and the option of absentee voting if you are registered in another state, there is no excuse for students not to exercise their right to vote! Be aware, the last day to register is Oct. 12,2016.

Many students expressed their hesitance to vote because of our presidential candidates. This election season they are Donald Trump who represents the Republican Party and Hillary Clinton who represents the Democratic Party. Based on current polls Clinton is barely in the lead.

When asked about the candidates students weren’t afraid to express their uncertainty.

“It’s sad to hear that some young people are actually refusing to vote because neither candidate is ideal,” said junior Tiana Williams. “But I respect that decision. The system of disenfranchisement is real, but I will vote, for myself and for those who cannot.”

There are many students who can relate to both Puryear and Williams. Although you may be skeptical always remember that your vote matters! If all students along with the entire millennial population cast their vote, the outcome could be favorable.

For more details on the voting regulations in Missouri please visit

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