The Path: Hulu’s Thrilling New TV Show

The Path, Hulu’s newest TV production, brings a refreshing new meaning to the genre ‘Cult Fiction’. The show focuses a modern religious movement located in upstate New York and the families involved in it.

With an all-star cast and brilliantly written script, this show will leave viewers binge-watching episode after episode.

The show follows Eddie (Aaron Paul) and his change in character as he begins to have doubts about Meyerism, the religious movement that he and his wife Sarah (played by Michelle Monaghan) have been devoted to for years. Eddie’s character evolves throughout the show as he struggles to make sense of a dark religion that he once believed was based on truth.

Hugh Dancy stars as Cal, the stand-in cult leader, and does a riveting job depicting a man on the brink of fame as he shifts the once-private cult into the limelight of the media. His power trip is subtle and eerie as he lures naive members into the group to prepare for “the future”.

The dive into character dynamics and their relatable struggles brings life to the religious movement, leaving viewers empathizing with the cult members and thinking to themselves, “that could be me.” Meanwhile, viewers will also get a glimpse at the shady members of the group like Cal that hold hidden agendas and deadly secrets.

The most fascinating thing about the show is that the perfectly-crafted religion, Meyerism, is based on nothing. Despite rumors that the show pulls from certain Scientology practices, like the “Meyer Machine” which is used by members to stimulate Neuroligical growth and spiritual healing and is similar to Scientologys’ E-Meter, writer Jessica Goldberg denies any ties to the real religion.

The Path boasts an impressive production team with creator Jessica Goldberg, known for the hit show Parenthood, and executive producer Jason Katims who produced the Emmy Award-winning show Friday Night Lights. The family twist incorporated into the plot brings a light-hearted energy to the suspenseful thriller.

Bottom line, if you enjoy suspense and excellent dialogue, you will love The Path.

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