The history of UMKC’s fight song

“Go! Fight! Win! Roos!” was the only line of UMKC’s original fight song. However, its new version incorporates the same chorus, but with another seven lines that encapsulate the new atmosphere of Kansas City Athletics.

The UMKC fight song has been around since approximately 1963, according to the UMKC website. But Associate Athletics Director for Community Relations and Engagement Jessica Dickson and former interim Athletics Director Ursula Gurney grew curious and started looking for the official lyrics for over 10 years.

“For years I tried to find the lyrics,” Dickson said. “I was never able to uncover lyrics that existed for the current tune.”

Some could say it was time to go out with the old and in with the new. In 2018, the Athletics Department began a rebranding phase. The school was in between athletic directors and decided it was time to add official lyrics to the historical song.

The new fight song goes along to the tune of the original one, but with updated lyrics for athletes, fans and Roos to enjoy. The fight song is very upbeat with its progression of horns, drums and symbols.

“I like that we stayed true with the tune,” Dickson said. “It has been a tradition with the university and the athletics department for as long as I can remember.”

The fight song is played numerous times at each individual home game. The song gives athletes and fans the chance to all come together and represent the university, while also helping give athletes some added motivation to play their hearts out.

“A fight song is a huge, time-honored tradition in college athletics,” Dickson said. “It’s a way for fans and supporters to cheer for their team altogether.”

Dickson had John Denision, principal of Niles Media Group, and Chris Wolff from the UMKC Bookstore help her create the song.

“I had reached out to Chris Wolff in the bookstore, who had completed an extensive research study on the history of UMKC, and asked him if he had any direction for me as I took this project on,” said Dickson. He then sent her the attached fight song that existed prior to 1963. 

The fight song turned a year old over this past visitors weekend, and the song will continue to encapsulate the schools’ history for years to come.

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