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The Beginning of Life | Erika Montes & Fernanda Stewart

This is a featured work by a student from Alta Vista High School.

“Being a young mom means that we met a little early. But it also means I get to love you a little longer.Some people said that my life ended when I had a baby. But my life had just began. You didn’t take away from my future. You gave me a new one”- Pregnancy Quote

Ava was 16 and pregnant. She thought that she had the stomach flu. Her body would hurt. Nausea and she had no appetite. She didn’t think she was pregnant but she knew that her period was late.

She took a home pregnancy test and found out her “ stomach flu” was really a baby.

Her boyfriend went to Northeast for one day then dropped out. They met at a park and started hanging out then Ava had to invite him over to make sure her and her little sister were safe while the mom was at work.they did not live in a good neighborhood there was always shooting and fighting. People on drugs just sitting on the stairs. There was a bad smell. ”It wreaked alcohol.`

The baby’s father began to hang more and more. Ava got pregnant and she broke. “My mom knew before I even told her.”

Next Morning she told her boyfriend he didn’t say not one word all he did was walk out. Of course Ava was feeling upset about the situation. She was a teen mom and she wouldn’t have help from the person that got her pregnant.

“I never thought he would have left me and not help out, we were more than boyfriend and girlfriend we were best friends.” During this part of the interview Ava began to cry as she remembered what she had been through with Darnel.

After the baby was born Darnell appeared and announced he was sorry. “He only said sorry because he needed somewhere to stay because he had been kicked out. And as the father of my baby, I couldn’t throw him out.”  3 months go by, and a little baby Sophia was crying.

Darnell had been frustrated so he tried hitting the baby because she wouldn’t shut up Ava through her leg over the baby and he punched her.

“All I could think about during that moment was protecting my baby.”  He would leave but come back sometimes for money. And if Ava refused to give him money because she needed it for the baby he would beat her. “I just wanted to have money for my baby so that She would have everything.” Ava cries again.

Ava got two jobs and began working day and night. She wouldn’t get to spend much time with her baby but at least her baby wouldn’t be missing anything. Sophia would have everything she needed. Ava’s two jobs were Wendy’s and the Car wash. She had no transportation all she had was her legs so she would walk everyday from job to job then home. When she would get home, she would make baby milk for her baby and then Sophia and her mommy would fall asleep.

Again at 1: 00 she would go back to work and her routine would start all over again she would barely get money. And she would get into arguments with her mom who would always be drunk night day but that was the only person available. Her dad committed suicide. So all she had was baby Sophia and herself.

To this day Ava still remains with her the father of her baby but now things are better. “ I never thought he would have changed, but I’m glad he did. We all changed together.”

Victoria -” She was brought into this world out of a beautiful mistake when her mom was just a girl and her daddy didn’t stay”- quotes for you

Victoria was 14 and pregnant. She went to school like any other teen. “Northeast high school was somewhere she went.” There were fights every day, teachers sometimes would fight students, or wouldn’t even do anything at all.”

Victoria began to only go to one class. That class was math she only went to that class because she had a crush on this guy named Michael. She noticed he would stare at her So , Victoria decided she was going to approach him. “ Honestly I said I wanted to have his baby , but I was just joking” she chuckles.

Next day, she approaches him they began to exchange phone numbers. Keep in mind Michael was 3 years old than Victoria. Later on they talk and he invites her to a party that his friend Kevin was going to be having. “ I didn’t think anything of it I thought it would be fun to get out.” I just wanted to be cool and fit in with the cool kids.”

So she goes to the party and sees Michael he says they should go upstairs to talk. Michael told Victoria, “I really like you and think we should take it to the next level.” Victoria said nothing, all she does is smile.” They began kissing and then make love.” Michael told Victoria to trust him.

A month goes by and she hasn’t heard a word from him he stopped going to school and still cannot find him. She goes to her appointment for her doctor that she had. And tells her doctor Ms. Linn “How nauseous and sick she is feeling. ” My doctor suggested I take a pregnancy test because a lot of girls have been getting pregnant.”

Two weeks go by and the results are in. Victoria was 14 and pregnant she had no idea what to do. All she knew was that she was going to have a baby. Victoria looked everywhere she even went to the house where she got pregnant. And  Nobody was there. “I thought I was never going to see him again.”

Five months go bye and baby Elise is born. Victoria is now 15 years old and is a single mother. “I had no idea how to even deal with the situation I was in, All I could do was live in the moment.”

Next day, Michael appears at her home. How? Nobody knows if she never showed him where she lived.” I was afraid of what he might do, it was pretty weird how he knew where I was.” All Victoria did was she said hi and that this is Elisa here is our baby. He smiled and held his newborn baby. “ I was so happy that Elise would now have her daddy, at least that’s what I thought.” Michael stayed for two hours left and then came back the next day and just started Victoria saying she lied and that the baby wasn’t his” I felt so hurt, betrayed and afraid. I lost it to him got pregnant and now I feel… I can’t even describe how I was feeling in the moment so many emotions all at the same time.”

He ran out and she never heard from him again . Victoria heard that he was in jail. She had nobody, no parents they left her once they found out she was pregnant. She lived in a shelter until she was 18 yrs old she saved her money and got her and her baby Elise a home.

Victoria is now doing better she did not finish school she is married to a guy who is in the army and has two kids with him. That’s not including her baby Elise who is now 7yrs old.

People don’t know the struggle that teen moms go through everyday. Others look down at them, make comments about them saying that it’s their fault for getting pregnant.   Most teen pregnancy happens because there’s no communication between the families. 6% of girls aged 15-19 get pregnant each year. That’s  615,000 . The United States has one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in west industrialized world .

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