Tuesday, November 30, 2021
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Taylor Swift amazes with her ‘Red’ tour

Image Credit: Elizabeth Golden

The color red filled the arena as a silhouette appeared in the background. The audience screamed and applauded while a fast beat gradually played louder. “I’m walking fast through the traffic lights,” Taylor Swift began singing. She opened her “Red” tour stop in Kansas City August 2 with the song, “State of Grace.”

Thirteen thousand audience members ranging from adolescent to older adults packed the Sprint Center as Swift thanked everyone for their support over the years. She began her introduction with a personal note to everyone in the Kansas City audience stating that it’s not too often she wants to play two shows in the same city, but has loved Kansas City’s love and support over the years.

Every word spoken seemed to personally touch each audience member. She called out to the very back rows, climbed through the center and crowd surfed in the front. On occasion, she would stand on a lift that moved her across the entire arena. Her personality was evident to everyone while she smiled directly at the camera and seemed to take pride in the fact that she was making a complete fool of herself. She enjoyed flaunting her ridiculousness for all to see.

Her set list contained 17 songs, most of which were found on her latest album entitled “Red.” “It feels like a perfect night,” every audience member jumped to their feet, “to dress up like hipsters.” Everyone in the audience really was feeling 22, even those too young to count that high.

The concert took a sadder note as she began singing lines from her song, “All too well,” which tells the story of a very difficult breakup. Swift seemed to shed a tear during the performance. “I walked through the door with you, the air was cold, but something ’bout it felt like home somehow. And I left my scarf there at your sister’s house, and you still got it in your drawer even now,” she began singing.

She concluded the evening with “We are never ever getting back together.” A song which once again caused all audience members to jump to their feet. She completed with a bow to all sides of the stadium and a big ‘thank you.’ She exited through a lift in the ground. Despite requests, she failed to perform an encore.

Overall, the concert was an extremely entertaining combination of events. During her costume changes, she would have fantastic musicians and performers entertain the audience. At one point, a full circus came on stage. Although her singing did not always meet perfection, the concert is definitely a must see for the entertainment value and her intriguing personality.

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