Tuesday, May 17, 2022
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Tattoo of the week: Bianca Gantt


Bianca Gantt, a junior majoring in sociology with an emphasis in anthropology, had two tattoos already. She recently invested in her third and largest piece, newly located on her arm.

Gantt’s tattoo is a replica of a painting by artist Alvin Epps. A New Orleans resident, Epps’ specialty is visual and animation art.

Gantt said she happened to stumble across his artwork on Instagram. The painting that she came across was Epps’ piece titled “Honey Comb.” Gantt knew that she wanted a tattoo that complimented her other tattoos, but she wasn’t sure of exactly what she wanted until she came across Epps’ artwork.

“It was perfect because I was looking for something to compliment the words I have under my arm, which read ‘Creator, Goddess, Queen,’” Gantt said. “It may sound a little pretentious, but I feel like black women have to constantly remind ourselves and each other that we’re beautiful because the media doesn’t.”

Gantt contemplated on the tattoo for months before actually going through with it. But, now it is something that she can proudly show the world.

“The painting embodies the words on my arm. For me, the interpretation of the painting is the embodiment of the beauty and love I have for women of my culture. So it’s kind of like I have this beautiful constant reminder on me now, and a dope piece of art.”

Both of Gantt’s tattoos were done by Megan Mac at Mercy Seat in downtown Kansas City.

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