Saturday, October 31, 2020
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SGA President Brandon Henderson talks plans for fall semester

With the semester in full swing, Student Government Association (SGA) President Brandon Henderson is poised to start accomplishing his goals for UMKC.  

UMKC tuition and fees rise 2.3%

While navigating the uncharted territory of new safety guidelines on campus and a mixture of hybrid, online and face-to-face classes, students at...

Referendum rejected, Roos for Reform sweeps SGA Election

Featured image: The Roos for Reform Party swept the SGA election, and will come into office May 1. From left to...

SGA presidential candidate overview

Opinion: Why should you care about the SGA?

The SGA elections start on March 16, and probably no one cares. If we look at the voting figures for the last...

Hear it from them: Q&As with the SGA presidential candidates

Note: The following conversations, which came from extensive verbal conversations with the candidates, have been edited for clarity and brevity.

Three parties set to run in SGA elections

Henry Gamber and Allison Harris With a vote that could raise your student fees by over $40 and a budget...

SGA debates health referendum, plans vote for this month

A controversial health and wellness fee once again dominated the conversation at last week’s Student Government Association (SGA) meeting.

Roo News 2/25/20 – Brandon Henderson announces candidacy for SGA president This week's show brings in Brandon Henderson to discuss his SGA presidential candidacy and the Roos...

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The Pouch College students share laughs together discussing life in the roaring 20's.

Roos Try: Fall In this episode of Roos Try, Adriana Colina and Jacob Lee experience the Fall season in...

iPhone 12 review

Apple released its newest iPhone, the iPhone 12, which comes in at a hefty $799. The iPhone 12 isn’t...

Peter Morello: From reporter to professor, a remarkable journey

If a student is a Communications Studies major at UMKC, chances are they have attended a class taught by professor Peter Morello.