Thursday, March 4, 2021
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Tag: sam danley

Aftermath of alleged rape in dorm hits UMKC | Concerns about security, admin (in)action

Reported by: Zachary Linhares, Distribution Manager Samuel Danley, News Editor Esmie Tseng, Managing Editor Student reaction erupted last week after reports emerged that a UMKC student was allegedly...

Chancellor Speaks Out on Alleged Rape at UMKC | Leo Morton Responds to Student Criticisms

Sam Danley, News Editor Esmie Tseng, Managing Editor Chancellor Leo Morton addressed concerns following the alleged rape on campus and responded to student feedback. This was...

Man charged with raping UMKC student in Johnson Hall

Sam Danley, News Editor Zach Linhares, Distribution Manager Esmie Tseng, Managing Editor A Colorado man allegedly raped a UMKC student early last Friday, after carrying her unconscious...

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