Saturday, March 6, 2021
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Tags Marijuana legalization

Tag: marijuana legalization

UK COVID variant, Johnson Hall pipe burst, marijuana dispensary on Troost – Roo News February 22nd In this episode of Roo News, we give you the latest COVID-19 update on campus and bring you the details on the new UK...

Roo Report: “Unconstitutional to Who” – Lawrence, Connor and Dylan talk marijuana legalization and Trump’s failed impeachment

You can find the Roo Report on Spotify and on In the episode of the Roo Report, Lawrence, Connor and Dylan discuss the new marijuana dispensary located...

Letter to the editor: Vote Amendment 2 for marijuana legalization

On Nov. 6, Missourians get the chance to vote to legalize medical marijuana. There are three initiatives presented on the ballot: Amendment 2, Amendment...

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