Monday, January 24, 2022
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Summer Movie Review: The Dark Knight Rises

Crows gathered in anticipation late night Friday, July 20 as the final installment of the Dark Knight trilogy was moments from being released.

For some, this was a night filled with adventure and excitement as they watched Christopher Nolan’s third Batman film turn into the much-awaited blockbuster many hoped it would become.

Others faced a more tragic fate as a gunman killed 12 at a Colorado theater, making this mild action movie into a real life horror film.

Going along the same lines as the 2008 film, The Dark Knight, this sequel begins with a reclusive Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) who has not shown his face in eight years. This once-hero-turned-fugitive vanished into the night after the death of Harvey Dent.

There were no doubts about this final chapter being phenomenal. Director Nolan is not necessarily known for his action flare, but when it comes to Batman, he is able to pull it off. The acting is, of course, another given.

Christian Bale is able to flawlessly portray the Dark Knight, and Anne Hathaway never fails to astonish. Many were skeptical as to whether Hathaway really could pull off such a cunning role, but she succeeded brilliantly.

The only criticism of the plot is the lack of character development in Catwoman, who has progressed tremendously over the years. From the seductive comic book heroine, to Michelle Pfeiffer’s beautifully done role, to Halle Berry’s sad excuse for a superhero, Catwoman has endured many developments.

Hathaway definitely comes in close second to Pfeiffer, but lacked personality. The expected traits were in place, but the character failed to form a deeper connection with the audience in the way Batman always has.

Little else felt wrong with this otherwise brilliant film.

Some parts even topped its predecessor, The Dark Knight, which many find hard to believe. An obviously exceptionally well-done film, the story omitted Batman’s inner struggles and was driven too much by action and thrill. Personally, Heath Ledger seemed to be the only part of the film worth watching. Many enjoyed this aspect, but it seemed to diverge from the true essence of Batman.

The Dark Knight Rises regains some of the lost emotions and flawlessly allows story and action to work in perfect harmony.

In wake of the Colorado theater shooting, much excitement for the film has seemed to die out. Opening night sold all 28 theaters out, while opening weekend was filled with skeptical and scared guests, making the film fail to meet its goal.

The film still managed to be the third biggest opening weekend ever, but the predictions showed these numbers to be even greater.

In spite of the horrors to occur, The Dark Knight Rises definitely turned out to be the must see Hollywood blockbuster of the summer. Each year, one film tops them all, and this year, that film was the third and final film in the Dark Knight saga.

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