Sunday, November 28, 2021
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Student’s react to Bloch news

While it may be true that the stripping of the rankings might directly be associated with the Bloch School’s Entrepreneurship program, UMKC’s name has been dragged through the mud alongside it. UMKC consists of more than just the Henry W. Bloch School of Management, which means there are many students who have no affiliation with the Bloch School. However, they are associated with the University in which this scandal belongs to.

“I have had the opportunity to speak to other individuals across the university who are not affiliated with the Bloch School and I think that generally, everyone is hoping that this issue is not interpreted as reflecting the university as a whole,” said recent graduate Parker Webb. For many students, whether they are enrolled in the Bloch School or not, having such a successful program at the University is something to be proud of. That might not be the case anymore.

“The Bloch school has been a major talking and selling point for the university when it comes to recruiting future students in all degree areas,” said senior Brittany Bohrer. “I think a lot of prospective students were/are excited by hearing that the Bloch school is a big deal, so I wonder if or how it may affect enrollment and the way we talk to prospective students.”

As a former campus ambassador, Webb is just as disappointed to hear of the actions of the Bloch School faculty.

“I was frustrated to know that the prestige of the Bloch School that we had shared with prospects was based on some less than transparent processes,” he said.

It is an unfortunate circumstance that the University finds itself in, however, students are hopeful that the administration will step up to ensure that something such as this does not repeat itself in the future.

“I’m not entirely sure what it means for the future of the university,” Bohrer said. “I think a lot depends on how we [the university] handle what happened and the measures we take to make sure something like this doesn’t happen again.”

Webb shares this positive outlook.

“I have met people across the university who are doing incredible things and taking on important tasks for the university, this community, and their individual areas of academic expertise and it is my hope that people are able to see through this current mess to the real gems that the university possesses,” he said.

Chancellor Leo E. Morton stated in a press release that he has endorsed a plan by Dean Dave Donnelly to create a new faculty review committee to oversee all future ranking applications for the School and recommend any needed improvements that will ensure a transparent and accurate reporting process.

“I believe the university will make good on its promise to deliver excellence to its students and to this community by all ethical means,” Webb said. In the future, I think the university will need to have the institutions in place to ensure that it finds itself on the right side of the ethical line at each and every moment and I believe it is taking that task seriously.”

Though it cannot be said that the University will never find itself in a similar situation again, students can only hope that their best interests and education are University’s primary focus moving forward.

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  1. Leo Morton should have resigned over this. UMKC overspends on administration, offers a third-tier education for undergrads and worse for some grad programs, and now fabricates rankings. In the private sector, as well as in well run public institutions, these abject failures would result in management’s termination.


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