Saturday, May 28, 2022
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Students meet SGA candidates at town hall meeting

UMKC students had the opportunity to meet candidates running for Student Government Association (SGA) positions last week at a town hall meeting in Miller-Nichols Library. Junior Justice Horn, a recent transfer from Northern State University in South Dakota, is

running unopposed for SGA president.

The candidates for the four executive officer positions at SGA (comptroller, administrative vice president, executive vice president and president) came forward, sharing their opinions and answering questions submitted by the audience. With the elections for student offices taking place from March 18 to March 22, they hoped to convince potential voters of their qualifications for office.

For the first three positions (comptroller and the two vice president spots), the competing candidates gave safe, conventional responses, saying they would excel at facilitating communication, talking with administration and dealing with conflict.

The situation was a little different for the position of SGA president, however. Currently running unopposed, Student Senator Justice Horn took the lack of competition as an opportunity to lay out his plans for his term as SGA president.

“Making sure we leave more of a footprint,” was one of Horn’s top priorities. He outlined his goals to increase SGA’s role on campus.

Horn expressed to U-News his desire for Kansas City to cooperate with UMKC “in lock-step.”

His ambitious goals did not end there. Solving the “commuter campus” problem, an issue students expressed to the chancellor himself, is also one of Horn’s priorities.

“It’s not rocket science, guys,” he said. According to Horn, the main solution to this issue includes speaking with people and making sure events tailor to commuters.

Horn also conveyed concerns about the underutilization of campus resources. Being a former college wrestler, he stated that the low attendance at UMKC sports games “really bothered him.”

After giving his points and answering questions from the audience, Horn was asked if he had the necessary experience for the job. He listed various leadership positions he had held, such as SGA senator and president of a College Democrats group. He said this was all due to his attitude of “servant leadership.”

“That’s how I’ve gotten a lot of my leadership roles,” he said.

At the town hall meeting, SGA also hosted a shorter discussion encouraging students to vote on the proposed increase in library fees.

The fees would add an extra $3 per credit hour taken, capping out at 12 credits. This fee would increase to $10 per credit hour by the year 2025. According to the SGA, these funds would be used to increase library hours and provide more student resources.

To find our more information about the proposed library fee increase, or read about Horn’s journey as the first openly gay college wrestler, check out

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