Tuesday, November 30, 2021
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Students learn how to sleep

Event Coordinator Amari Enam spinning the wheel
Event Coordinator Amari Enam spinning the wheel

Hectic schedules, pressures from school and numerous other factors can impede one’s ability to satisfy a full night’s rest.

The UMKC Counseling Center hosted a “sleep week” Nov. 8.

The counseling center hopes to inform students about what they can do to get the most out of their waking lives by optimizing their sleep cycles.

Amari Enam, a pre-doctoral intern for UMKC’s Counseling Center, coordinated the event. Offered to patrons were information tables set up at various locations on campus informing people about the benefits of healthy sleep habits.

On Thursday, the Roos Snooze party was hosted in Oak Street Residence Hall, which provided fun activities for students to learn about sleep.

Debunking myths about sleep can play a crucial role in understanding what is actually good for our bodies overnight.

One myth is that counting sheep helps coax your body back into a state of rest.

According to The National Sleep Foundation, those furry, wool-clad mammals may be more of a hindrance than a help when it comes to returning to a peaceful slumber.

The National Sleep Foundation also contends if you are incapable of returning to sleep, relaxing activities like listening to music or reading until you become fatigued are better alternatives to force your body to shut itself down while it’s still active.

It has been proven our sleep cycles effect how we process information.

Brains are complex filing cabinets tasked with sifting through a day’s information.

During sleep, this computer-like organ processes massive amounts of data collected during our waking lives and converts all of it into readily accessible knowledge.

Those attending sleep week’s planned activitiessaw that, various steps can be taken to optimize this process of going to sleep.

One healthy sleep cycle habit is, replacing coffee, soft drink, or energy drink with a healthier alternative, like herbal tea.

This can help cut back on your daily caffeine intake significantly.

Other practices for healthy sleep include designating time to nap, drinking less alcohol, and ensuring your sleeping surface is conducive of a good night’s sleep.

The Roos Snooze Party included several activities, information on effective sleeping habits, meditation sessions, a screening of “Sleepless in Seattle” and a best pajamas contest.


Students snooze at Roos Snooze

Mark Linville and Kellye Francis

On Thursday, the UMKC Counseling Center sponsored an event titled ”The Roos Snooze Party” at the Oak street Residence Hall basement.

The Event featured fun activities and information about sleep, which coincides with the national sleep week, and how to practice meditation to get better sleep.

The event had a trivia wheel, raffle and a host of ways to practice healthy sleeping habits and door prizes, which included a free massage and a spa package. There was a silent auction, which featured UMKC T-shirts, blankets, a trivia wheel and college raffle.

“The average college student needs at least seven to eight hours of sleep a night to be healthy and alert the next day,” says www.sleepfoundation.org

Having ample sleep allows the body to function better for complete wellness and alertness.

The slogan of the night was, “Tired of losing sleep? Want to stop counting sheep? Learn how to be healthy even during sleep.”

The Counseling Center provided information and very informative sleep health and wellness resources.

The information given included handouts. Those who attended learned sleep essentials for the average college student.

The night featured a “Wear your PJ contest” for a chance to win a door prize. The winner wore a very courageous and colorful plaid onesie. It was a hit with the staff and event goers.

“Remember, be healthy even in your sleep.”



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