Students get their ‘game on’ at ‘Nintendo Switch: Together Tour’

If you had the chance to relive your best childhood memories, would you take it?

Last week, video game company Nintendo hosted a two-day event on campus as part of its “Nintendo Switch: Together Tour.” The tour has traveled across the U.S., visiting different campuses to promote the console to a college student demographic.

Senior Caleb Feuerbacher felt nostalgia the moment he began playing games from the “Mario” and “Legend of Zelda” franchises.

“I really loved playing Nintendo games as a kid,” said Feuerbacher. “Seeing this event just brings back a lot of those memories.”

To get into the event, students registered with a QR code through the tour’s website to help Nintendo staff keep track of the stations each student visited.

Five scans let students enter in the tour’s giveaway. Students had to complete all the stations to receive a bigger prize at the end, which was hard to do with everyone trying to finish them all.

Students got the chance to challenge others in their favorite games with the tour’s colorful Nintendo Switch kiosks, as well as take photos at the tour’s video-game themed photo booths.

The staff encouraged students to post and tag their photos with the hashtag, #NintendoOnCampus.

Kendra Hockman, Nintendo’s tour manager, wants the tour to bring students together with the love of video games and ease their stress from midterms.

“I was a college student once too,” said Hockman. “I’m glad my team and I were able to help students in some way before the week of midterms.”

While the event came as a surprise to a lot of students, it received many positive reactions.

Throughout the event, you could see smiles on everyone’s faces (besides those constantly losing each round of “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate”).

The Nintendo Switch was heavily advertised throughout the event, and students were able to receive coupons for any Nintendo-related purchase they make at Target.

Junior Jack Pfeiffer is considering buying the Switch now that he has a coupon to save him a few extra bucks.

“I have never been much of a gamer,” said Pfeiffer. “But I was really interested when they released the Nintendo Switch.”

While there are students like Pfeiffer who aren’t really interested in video games, there are also those who still enjoy them from when they were kids.

Freshman Dylan Sarrat has played Nintendo games for as long as he can remember and has competed in tournaments since high school.

“A lot of people might think video games are childish or lame,” said Sarratt. “But after an event like this, would you still think that?”

It doesn’t matter whether you play to win or just to have some fun–there is no correct way to enjoy a video game.

“Everyone can play and have fun together,” said Sarrat. “You don’t have to be good at a video game to enjoy it.”

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