Tuesday, May 24, 2022
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Students for Life hosts Pregnant on Campus event

Students for Life held a Pregnant on Campus Initiative at the Miller Nichols Library last week in an effort to create a support team for both expecting and parenting women on campus.

The group set up a table full of information and services that helps support mothers balancing parenting and school.

The group also encouraged students to write letters to be distributed throughout campus to help uplift women trying to gain an education while experiencing motherhood.

UMKC freshman and club member Hannah Esker wants women to feel empowered to be both mothers and college students.

“I know that women face a lot of stigma trying to get an education and be pregnant at the same time, and we just want to put some positive encouragement out there,” Esker said. “There are other women supporting them, that they can do both.”

The pro-life group wants to make a point that women have options, and they don’t have to choose between motherhood and starting a career.

Fellow member and UMKC freshman Samantha Saba has the same passion for supporting women in balancing pregnancy and school.

“I think a lot of times women feel if they have a child when they’re young they get discouraged by other people, so I just want to empower women so that you can choose to have an education and have a child,” said Saba.

Although the group is fairly new, it is already receiving positive feedback from women who’ve said the support has benefited them in their own experiences.

The group hopes to grow by holding the Pregnant on Campus Initiative event at least once a month.


Photo notes: The image with the two girls from left to right is Hannah Esker and Samantha Saba both UMKC students part of the Students for Life group.

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