Monday, March 8, 2021
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Students Enjoyed the Free Laughs and Food: Free “Ant-Man” Screening at the Student Union

Last Thursday the Union Programming Board hosted a free screening of the recent Marvel Studios action comedy film “Ant-Man” in the Student Union Theatre.

UPB held two screenings at 12 p.m. and 7 p.m. with free concessions for students in attendance.
“Ant-Man” is the latest Marvel Studios production, released on July 15th, following the highly successful sequel “Avengers: Age of Ultron.”

Ant-Man Poster
Starring Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas, and Evangeline Lilly, “Ant-Man” follows cat burglar Scott Lang, recently released from prison. Through a series of cat-and-mouse thievery, Lang—portrayed by Rudd—is contacted by the reclusive Hank Pym—portrayed by Douglas. Pym, the former superhero Ant-Man, seeks out Lang to help prevent his shrinking technology from falling into the wrong hands. With the help of Pym and his daughter Hope (Lilly), Lang becomes the super-powered shrinking hero Ant-Man.

The free screening held at the Student Union is the latest in UMKC’s annual free film events. The events typically feature films that have left theatres but are not currently available for consumer purchase.

The event drew a decent crowd of students, many of whom enjoyed the film and were happy with its selection by UMKC.

Senior Blake Hocking was one such student.

“I liked it,”Hocking said. “I like the Marvel movies and I hadn’t been to the theatre, so I was glad they had the free movie to watch.”

Hocking thought the film was well-written and enjoyed its few but good plot twists. He said he has enjoyed every Marvel movie so far.

Stacey Branson, another senior, was also happy with the film.

“I thought it was really funny,” Branson said. “I like all the Marvel movies because they’re cheeky like that. I also kind of liked the fact that they made fun of “The Avengers” and stuff like that.”
Senior Rachel Franklin remarked that it was the first time she’d seen the movie. She also discussed her favorite scene.

“There were a lot of good ones, it was pretty funny actually. Probably the fight scene in the [little] girl’s room,” said Franklin. “That was pretty funny, with the little trains and stuff like that. And they actually weren’t that big and loud.”

Besides these students, others seemed to enjoy “Ant-Man” as the theatre was filled with laughter at many of the film’s jokes and size-related humor.

Students who wish to catch some of the year’s biggest films, but lack the money necessary to go the theatres, should be on the lookout for UMKC’s next free screening. Flyers are typically posted around campus in the weeks leading up to the screening. These can be found in the Student Union, the Atterbury Student Success Center, and many of the buildings on the quad.

As always, the events are free and open to both UMKC students, staff and faculty.

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