Thursday, May 26, 2022
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Students and faculty give job search advice

Many UMKC students balance attending classes and working part-time jobs. This split in many students’ time is evident when you try to plan a group project or schedule a study session, but how did these students find their jobs in the first place?

“I applied for the job, and it turns out they had an opening in ticketing,” said Adam Larson.

Larson currently works for the UMKC Athletics ticketing office, however, he credits networking with gaining his employment at the Regnier Institute.

Junior entrepreneurship major Salam Habte also works at the Regnier Institute and said she received the job because of her skills shown in the UMKC Enactus club.

Zac Polston, another member of Enactus, reflected Habte’s comments, saying he was referred to his current sales job by professionals in his network.

“I know a person that knows a person that owns the KFC/Taco Bell that I work at,” said information technology student, Ny Tran.

Tran went on to say she plans on getting her after-college job through internships that lead into jobs, exactly what sophomore business student Hannah Dunbar said about why she is working as the director of social media for Roo Nation. Dunbar hopes it will lead to something more.

The path of internship-to-job is the path taken by Bloch school accounting professor Melissa Schulte.

“I took the internship path and then was offered a full-time job,” said Schulte. “Most of my [peers] had jobs as well, at least 75 percent.”

Students seldom mentioned job websites like Indeed and Glassdoor, but it is possible to gain both a college and career job through these sites.

Mark Herrada, a senior economics student, used to find his current job and plans to look online again once he graduates.

Planning is essential when it comes to thinking about after-college jobs. After graduation, jobs are a high-stress point for students all across UMKC.

Erin Blocher, who has worked at the Bloch school for 11 years, had to let many people in her network know what she was looking for in a job.

Blocher was recommended to apply to the Bloch school because she was able to use her network effectively.

Another Bloch faculty member, Ben Williams, said, “I ask students to figure out what they want their life to look like. Then pursue the job with that in mind.”

Job searching is a part of everyday college life, and everyone thinks about achieving a full-time, well-paid, post-graduation job. It seems as though UMKC students are just trying to take the correct first steps.

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