Student Voices: Open Mic Night at the Student Union

What sound does a kangaroo make?  According to Google, it’s some kind of clucking, but

at the Student Union’s Open Mic Night on Sept. 18, Roos were making a beautiful noise.

Taking place at the stage behind Jazzman’s Cafe, students gathered at the informal event to offer up their talents.  All were welcome to listen and to perform.

At first the atmosphere was quiet and subdued, but with each new performance the crowd was energized and emboldened.

Singers belted out original songs and old favorites.  Poets bared their hearts with readings of their emotionally powerful works.  One student danced, another beatboxed.  Some came onto the stage multiple times, their repertoires replete with things to share.

All were earnest and heartfelt, their performances equal parts entertaining and moving.

The open mic night revealed the wealth of talent in the student body, as students saw friends and familiar faces take the stage.  Any who were lucky enough to attend can attest that the night was a memorable one.  This certainly can be chalked up as a success for the Union Programing Board.

Hopefully, time will bring more nights like these in the future.

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