Student organizations host one of the biggest blood drives in UMKC history

Over 15 UMKC student organizations collaborated with the American Red Cross, creating one of the biggest blood drives UMKC has ever seen.

Student organizations in the past have hosted their own blood drives individually, but this year, several organizations teamed up to increase attendance.

Joseph Allen, a member of the Pre-Medical Society leadership board, helped bring the organizations together with hopes to continue the event for years to come.

“This event could potentially be something that UMKC could really showcase in the larger Kansas City community as what UMKC is doing for our city,” said Allen. “We are going to donate blood on our campus because we care about our city, we care about our community, and we want to really show that.”

The Pre-Medical Society formulated the idea to team up with other organizations as a way to reach out to students. Being a health-sciences major, Allen hears about blood drives frequently, but teaming up with other organizations helps spread the word to students with varying majors.

“Students at UMKC are awesome. They want to do stuff like this, but it is just a matter of communicating and being able to know when these events are going on,” said Allen.

Former Pre-Dental Society President Sohil Swaminathan finds it important for the group to join the event because it is a great opportunity to connect with other student organizations.

“Being involved with UMKC organizations since my freshman year, I have noticed the only time all of the organizations on campus come together is during summer orientations,” said Swaminathan. “This drive is a great opportunity for these various organizations to come together and serve our community, which is a common goal between our organizations here at UMKC.”

The Fine Arts Department also lent a hand and helped promote the event. The student graphic design organization, Egghead, created original artwork that was put on fliers and posted around campus.

American Red Cross Account Manager Katie Enger encouraged the collaborative event stating, “As a nonprofit organization, it is a lot more cost-effective to hold bigger blood drives a few times a year rather than several smaller blood drives. This helps utilize our community’s resources and donations to their utmost potential.”

At the blood drive, students were able to make regular donations as well as Power Red donations, which allows donors to safely give two units of blood during one sitting.

The collaborative blood drive resulted with a large turnout and a record number of scheduled appointments.

Junior Mohammed Alghamdi donated for the first time at the event.

“I think that the event was very successful because I walked in at 10 a.m. and didn’t get seen until noon due to all of the walk-ins and pre-scheduled appointments,” said Alghamdi. “Overall, it was a very positive experience, and I plan on donating with them in the future.”

Red Cross encourages students with type O negative, O positive, A negative or B negative blood to consider this donation because red blood cells are the most needed by hospital patients.

“We all have the power to do something good for someone else. One small thing can change someone’s life or even save it,” said Enger.

For more information on the next blood drive on April 18, visit RooGroups or to make an appointment.

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