Friday, July 30, 2021
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Student Finds Rhythm Between School and Being a Rockstar

Having a busy calendar is nothing new to college students but UMKC junior Kade Allenbrand takes this to a new level.

While studying as a full-time student majoring in music performance, Allenbrand is also at constant work as a drummer with his alternative rock band Sons of Stereo.

“It’s a lot of stress,” Allenbrand said. “I don’t know how I personally really handle it. Somehow I do.”

Playing drums has been a lifelong passion for him. He was given his first drum set at the age of five and began taking lessons a year later.

“When I was young, I’d pull out the drawers on my dresser and get pencils and just make different sounds,” Allenbrand recalled.

Allenbrand’s first taste of professional music performance came near the end of his senior year of high school when he was asked to play in a country band called Nine Miles To Nowhere.

While his time with the band was short and over by the start of his freshman year at UMKC, Allenbrand had made an important connection with a fellow musician Garret Shuck.

The two stayed in touch. Near the end of his freshman year, Allenbrand was asked by Shuck if he wanted to try to form a serious band. Allenbrand was more than open to the opportunity.

They began talks with a producer in Springfield, trying to find members to fill out the rest of the group. After going through several different vocalists, the two found their voice in Todd Brown who was already with the band but only as a guitar player.

“He sang a bit and we were like ‘wow, these are the best vocals we’ve ever had,” said Allenbrand.

And with that, Sons of Stereo was born.

Since then, the band has been hard at work. Last year, they put together their debut album “Truth And Other Lies” and released a single off the album titled “West Coast”, available on Apple Music and Spotify. The band has also played nearly 20 shows since last August in Kansas City, Arkansas and Tennessee.

None of this comes without compromise, however.

“There’s been times I’ve had to decide,” said Allenbrand. If his responsibilities as a student stack too high, Allenbrand will reluctantly put the band on the back burner to stay on top in his academics.

Conversely, sometimes opportunity is too much to pass like when Allenbrand missed a week of his sophomore year traveling to Mississippi to play shows and shoot a music video.

“It is what it is,” Allenbrand said, “I have to really balance out priorities.”

And at the moment, the work is paying off. Sons of Stereo second single “The Breeze” was released on Nov. 1 with the full length album dropping in the near future.

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