Wednesday, June 16, 2021
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Storks: Adorable, Laughable, and Witty

Nicholas Stroller and Doug Sweetland’s new animated movie Storks is a funny comedy for all ages to see. It is full of adorable and laughable scenes that will keep you entertained throughout the whole movie. Though might even have little kids asking a few questions about where babies really do come from.

Storks takes the tried and true children’s story and brings it to life—the eponymous birds run a corporation delivering babies. That is, until business goes south, and they trade in baby delivery for home delivery items. This part of the movie was a little confusing at first until the characters reveal their reasoning for changing their delivery choice.

The movie’s main characters Junior and Tulip stand out the most out of all others. Junior is an ambitious bird who wants to be head of the delivery business. Tulip is an anxious teenager who tries to help out but things don’t quite go her way. These two are an oddball team that work together to keep things running smoothly at their former baby delivery operation.

One of the best parts of the movie is the adorable animations of the characters. Each human character has big eyes with various hair colors. The graphics are well worth watching.

Everyone who enjoys animated films will definitely enjoy Storks. There isn’t one dull moment. The wittiness keeps its audience laughing.

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