Saturday, December 4, 2021
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‘Share a Coke’ Tour makes its way to UMKC

The Coca-Cola Company’s “Share a Coke” tour stopped at the UMKC Student Union Thursday, Sept. 4. The event was co-sponsored by the Union Programming Board.
This summer, The Coca-Cola Company kicked off its “Share a Coke” campaign. As a new marketing strategy, Coca-Cola replaced its original logo with the 250 most popular names of American teenagers.
The “Share a Coke” tour is scheduled to make 500 stops around the U.S., three of which are in Missouri. The tour stopped at UMKC, Union Station and the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg.
Because UMKC’s student body is so diverse, most students’ names are not on the generic Coca-Cola cans. The “Share a Coke” tour offered a way for students to customize their own Coca- Cola, Coke Zero or Diet Coke cans. Attendees were able to customize a can for themselves as well as a can for a friend. Attendees were allowed to continue cycling through the line, creating multiple Coca-Cola cans until the event ended.
“[This event] is brought to us by Coca-Cola that the university has an agreement with, as a beverage supplier,” said UPB Staff Advisor LaShaundra Randolph.
Members of the “Share a Coke” team also handed out samples of their products to students at the Student Union.
“It’s a popular event that has been traveling around the country, and we’re excited to have it here at UMKC,” Randolph said. “It [Share a Coke tour] is here for the enjoyment of our students.”
While effectively promoting the company through this campaign, The Coca-Cola Company also utilized social media. Not only did the company target teenagers with common names, they also started a hashtag trend: #ShareaCoke.
The Coca-Cola Company uses a large amount of its profits for water conservation. They have partners around the world that help conserve water resources, including World Resources Institute, WaterAid and World Wildlife Fund.
One of Coca-Cola’s largest projects is the Replenish Africa Initiative. Coca-Cola has promised six years and $30 million to this initiative to aid clean water efforts in Africa. Since 2009, the Replenish Africa Initiative has reached 800,000 people who now have access to clean water. Coca-Cola has successfully provided sanitation for over 130,000 people. The company hopes to provide clean water for 2 million people and to find better sanitation solutions for approximately 200,000 people in the future.
A portion of all Coca Cola’s profits contribute to the Replenish Africa Initiative.

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