Thursday, October 29, 2020

SGA Senate Simplifies Bylaws

In the first Senate meeting of the spring semester, the SGA Executive Board presented audits of students misusing budget funds, a Muslim Student Association request for a designated campus prayer room, and revisions to the bylaws, . The revisions, presented by Comptroller Pedro Oliveira and Executive Vice President Alex Varon, simplified the bylaws and removed multiple redundancies.

“We shaved 20 pages off the bylaws over the weekend,” Varon said.

Some of the revisions included clarifying how misuse of budget funds will be punished, inserting salary adjustments and removing procedures for paper ballot elections. Now that elections are conducted electronically, Comptroller Oliveira and Vice President Varon saw no need for the constitution to include a paper ballot procedure.

Comptroller Oliveira updated the Senate on the auditor’s findings. He noted misuse of funds revealed through the audit.
“We caught students buying things that they shouldn’t,” Oliveira said.

The amended bylaws are expected to help with assuring that funds are applied to their proper purpose.

The Senate also reviewed a rResolution filed by the Muslim Student Association requesting a designated prayer room on campus to simplify their day. Currently, Muslim students must unlock a dressing room in the Student Union to use for praying.

The resolution requested a convenient prayer room that is accessible during the regular business hours of Miller Nichols Library. The Senate approved the rResolution and a motion to advocate to the Vice Chancellor was passed.

A new Election Director was elected by the Senate. Andrew Miller, president of Young Democrats of Missouri, was selected by the Senate.

“[I]n my time here, in my experience here, I think I can offer candidates another source of information,” Miller said in his speech.

Andrew and the Senate hope for a higher student turnout for student elections this spring.

Students wishing to run for office can apply between Feb. 22 and Mar. 23. Campaigns will be conducted from Mar. 23to Apr. 11. Elections will be carried out from Apr. 11 to Apr. 15.

SGA President Ida Ayalew presented an update of Spring Events.

“Town halls this semester will be about library fees,” Ayalew said.

President Ayalew also suggested changing the name of the Gala event to “Chancellor’s Dinner.”


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