SGA President-elect quickly found roots at UMKC

Brandon Henderson

For Student Government Assocation (SGA) President-elect Abdulmajeed Baba Ahmed, learning has always been a passion of his.

First studying in his home country Nigeria, Ahmed came to the U.S. to complete 160 credit hours at JCCC, graduating with two associates degrees before he transferred to UMKC earlier this year.

“I am from Nigeria, but I’ve lived here for quite some time, so it’s like I’m from around here, but I’m not,” said Ahmed.

On top of his two associate degrees, Ahmed took pre-engineering courses before transferring to UMKC as a mechanical engineering major.

“I am very much fascinated with innovation and technology,” said Ahmed. “My dad is also chemical engineer, and I’ve never seen him dread going to work. I knew finding something that I really loved and enjoyed was something I wanted to replicate.”

While Ahmed has only been at UMKC for a few months, he’s had a positive experience at UMKC so far. He was initially worried about not fitting in, which played a role in how he campaigned for SGA President.

Running on an independent ticket, there were times when Ahmed doubted his ability to take the election.

“When I was tabling, I saw a group of the Gold Party, and they were all talking to people,” said Ahmed. “I looked at them, and I thought there was no way I could stand a chance against them. They had four people, and I was only by myself. That really pushed me to work harder.”

Ahmed won the election with an upset, ahead by seven votes out of 829 votes cast. He was also the only independent candidate to win an election this year.

Ahmed’s family in Nigeria was thrilled to hear about his race for president.

“I remember my dad was cracking up, and he said something along the lines of, ‘Only Abdul would run for student government president two months after moving to a new school,’” Ahmed said. “The rest of the day I was talking to literally all of my immediate family in Nigeria, and it was really cool. I’m happy to have a supportive family.”

Ahmed will serve as SGA president for the 2018-2019 school year.



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