Monday, October 25, 2021
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SGA officers meet with students

Students in the student union on Friday Sept. 8 could get drinks, cheese and crackers and a variety of fruit— all for free. They were also able to meet and learn about the Student Government Association (SGA), which sponsored the event.

The first person to greet students was Drew Rogers, SGA President and third-year law student from Stilwell, Kansas. Like most student organizations, one of SGA’s goals is to increase membership this year.

“We want to make more connections with students this year and hope to increase our involvement. We chose lunch time for our event, to draw in more students,” said Rogers.

SGA not only serves as a liaison between students and administration, but they also work with other student organizations who want to promote themselves. Students from these different organizations stopped by to support SGA.

Imani Lewis, a senior from Kansas City explained why she stopped by.

“I’m involved with Greek life, so I try to go to other organizations’ events to show them that I care and believe in being active in campus life,” said Lewis.

From left: Demond Miles, Allen Williams and Imani Lewis discuss SGA’s plans for the upcoming semester.
From left: Demond Miles, Allen Williams and Imani Lewis discuss SGA’s plans
for the upcoming semester.

Demond Miles, a senior from St. Louis, also stopped by to talk with SGA members. Miles is the president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) here at UMKC. His goal was just to what SGA was all about.

“I want to see how SGA can help my organization and get more involved with them and gain information of what they do,” said Miles.

For students who decided that they might want to join SGA, there’s a few ways they can go about doing it. SGA has elections in the spring, but they also have positions that require a senate confirmation and even positions to which Rogers appoints people.

“Students can send me their resume and I’ll find a position they may be interested in, or students can come visit us during our offices hours and we will give them information on different positions,” said Rogers.

Even students who do not want to join SGA can still attend an SGA meeting every other Monday at 6:00 pm in the Student Union to stay informed.

SGA’s next meeting is set for Monday, Sept. 18. These meetings are open to any student. Throughout the first part of the meeting, a student must be called on to speak about the topic that is being discussed. Later in the meeting, however, is an open forum where students can voice their opinions on any topic they would like.

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