Monday, January 17, 2022
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SGA motions to raise student activity fee

The Student Government Association motioned for a 16.5 percent increase in the UMKC student activity fee during its the SGA Chambers Monday night.

Dean of Students Dr. Sandra Miles spoke to SGA members, explaining that the activity fee would raise at least 2.1 percent next year regardless of a vote.

The Student Activity Fee Committee and Executive Board both voiced support for raising the fee, stating a desire to increase funding for student organization events, student councils and other activities on campus.

“We discussed at least a 10 percent increase,” said SGA Comptroller Jaelon Brooks during the meeting. He reasoned that if the university is going to raise fees, the increase should be substantial enough to make a difference for students.

According to Miles, UMKC has the lowest amount of funding for student activities in the University of Missouri System.

SGA members debated on the pros and cons of voting to raise the student activity fee.

Ultimately, the need to respond to a lack of student involvement on campus and the history of organizations not receiving enough funding throughout the years became the highest priority.

According to SGA Executive Vice President David Fulk, UMKC students have not voted on whether or not to raise the activity fee since the 1980s.

The Student Activity Fee Committee (SAFC), which allocated fees and funding to each organization, will manage the money raised through the student activity fee increase.

Miles said the amount of money the SAFC receives from the increase is determined by the chancellor.

Dean Miles also specified to members that this raise in fee would only be affecting students’ fees, not tuition amount.

Raising the fee could mean more funding for speakers on campus, student activities, and any travel or event expenses for student organizations.

After much deliberation, the motion for a 16.5 percent increase was passed by SGA senators.

Miles will send the motion to the Higher Education Commission, which will make a decision to accept or deny it. If it accepted, the motion will be sent to the Board of Curators.

A vote will be made in March in order to provide the SAFC with funding guidelines by April 1.

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