SGA discusses possible childcare facility

Monday’s bi-weekly meeting of the Student Government Association kicked off with a little more emotion than you might expect.

The meeting opened with UMKC Professor Linda Mitchell pleading the case for applying to receive a grant which would provide funding for a new childcare facility. The proposed facility would be up, running and certified on the Volker campus within three years. The idea is for the facility to be free-to-use for UMKC students and faculty.

“The anxiety of not having a safe, good place for your children is extremely distracting,” Mitchell stated.

The facility would likely follow the IKEA model, where students and faculty are provided with three hours of free childcare per day. As of right now, it is unclear where exactly the funding would come from, although a small on-campus tax increase was discussed.  

In the end, SGA leaders decided to further discuss the issue amongst themselves before putting it to a formal vote.

This meeting was the first time the SGA had council members from individual academic departments speak in front of the Senate about their respective departments. The council members discussed topics like current activities and involvement, issues within the department, structuring of their council and plans for restructuring.

These council presentations are going to occur regularly at SGA meetings this year, with the goal of increased collaboration between departments.

SGA President Abdul Baba Ahmed encourages “anyone and everyone” to attend any future SGA meetings, stating they are “a friendly group of people trying to make positive change.”

On Oct. 12 from 10:30-11:45 a.m. in Miller Nichols Library room 325, the SGA will host a listening session, during which any student is invited to stop by and share their concerns or ideas, or ask questions about the organization and their work.

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