Sunday, April 11, 2021
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Scholars Lunch with Donors

Scholarship recipients met with their donors last Thursday during a luncheon held in the Pierson Auditorium at UMKC. College of Arts and Sciences Dr. Dean Wayne Vaught, thanked the donors for their support.

“Through your generosity, lives are changed,” Vaught said. “Ideas are started. Skills are built. Careers are launched.”

The luncheon provided many students the chance to network and speak with their donors over a three-course meal. Scholarship recipient Edith Moreno was thankful for this occasion.



Dean Vaught addressing attendees
Dean Vaught addressing attendees

“The event was a great opportunity to know the donors a bit more personally and also make connections with them,” Moreno said. “This was a great afternoon to spend time to reflect on all the hard work scholars have put in at UMKC. It was an inspiring moment.”

Barbara Unell, one of the donors of the Alex and Josephine Coleman Memorial Scholarship for Communication Studies, spoke at the event. Unell’s father, Alex Coleman worked in an ad agency and was responsible in the coining the term “Crock-Pot” for the famous slow cooker brand. She provided a story on how her father washed dishes to support himself through college and how important academic commitment is in advancing one’s career.

Financial aid is an important and crucial element to academic success for many scholars. Students interested in finding out more information about how to apply for scholarships can visit UMKC’s Financial Aid and Scholarships Department at the Administration Center.

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