Tuesday, December 7, 2021
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Ruby Jean’s Juicery serving up healthy, tasty treats

While the Whole Foods on Oak Street contains healthy groceries galore, most of these items require time in the kitchen to make them delicious.
Now, however, there’s a way to get all the benefits of Whole Foods’ groceries with none of the hassle of making a meal.

The grocery store giant recently opened a stand inside the store for the popular local juicery, Ruby Jean’s. The business, whose Troost location is often packed with people seeking out a healthy food option, is now only a walk away from campus.

The messages of the businesses align perfectly. Whole Foods has a long history of trying to promote healthy living, something which also fueled Ruby Jean’s founder, Chris Goode, to create the juicery.

The name comes from his grandmother, a woman who worked hard for the family she loved. Unfortunately, Ruby Jean died at just 61 years old, which Goode attributed in part to her preference for fried foods. He believes that if she ate healthier, she wouldn’t have struggled with her health.

Thus, Ruby Jean’s was created in order to give the public the food his grandmother didn’t have access to. These foods aren’t the bland health food that often pop into people’s minds—they’re nourishing like the soul food Ruby Jean herself loved.

My personal favorite is the acai bowl, whose fresh fruit topping gives it a great texture. If you’re looking for a quick snack, their protein bowls are both nutrient-packed and gooey, like a cookie your grandma made.

So, if you’re looking to be just a little healthier, Ruby Jean’s is an excellent place to start. There are no excuses to push your diet to tomorrow. This place is only a short walk from campus and is much tastier than that ramen packet that’s been sitting in your dorm for a month.


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