Rootopia Headphone Disco

Roos were dancing to their own beat at Friday night’s Headphone Disco in Student Union.

The evening started off slow, with no one on the dance floor, but ended with a group of students jumping to the beat of the hippest DJ.

The Student Government Association and Union Programming Board hosted the Rootopia Headphone Disco Friday night at Student Union.

UMKC students were given a pair of headphones with the option to listen to three DJs and three different styles of music. The only way you could hear the music was by wearing the headphones.

The DJs—two professional and one student—competed to be the most popular DJ of the disco, catering to the energy of the students.

“It was a cool and fun event,” said student Dylan Dilworth. “I liked the different DJs. If one was playing music you didn’t like, you could just switch over to the other channel.”

Due to the different genres of music, dancing styles were different in each group.

If one was to take off their headphones, they would see a lot of people dancing to no music. They’d hear the shuffling of feet on the ground, or possibly someone yelling a song, not able to hear themselves.

Rootopia had a plenty of students eager to turn it up on a Friday night, and it definitely fulfilled that energy.

The event allowed students to dance, have fun and wonder what the person next to them was listening to for them to have those moves.

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