Sunday, May 22, 2022
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Roos Yell Like Hell

The Student Union Theatre swelled with cheers, dancing and song Friday night as the annual Yell Like Hell event unfolded.

Court Warming contestants from campus organizations vied for first place with many creative and surprising talents.

Alpha Delta Pi candidate Adele Soutar honored Court Warming’s movie theme by beginning her dance dressed as the beloved Napoleon Dynamite. Similarly, Chi Omega’s Abigail Brinkmann gave a nod to Space Jam by incorporating its dialogue and soundtrack into her basketball-infused choreography. And for Navya Sane from UMKC Student Government Association, the world of Bollywood provided a more overarching influence as she moved through an intricate, traditional Indian dance.

However, the night’s winner, Student Ambassadors’ representative Tina Parki, let authentic student life be her guide. Tina’s work as a campus tour guide inspired her hilarious skit, complete with allusions to overly affectionate couples in the quad and test day drama — all situations that could arise during an awkward day on the job.

Delta Zeta’s turtle mascot joins in on their dance.
Delta Zeta’s turtle mascot joins in on their dance.

“I thought it’d be fun to incorporate a tour into the skit so people could follow along with a story,” Parki shared.

While Parki said that the skit took three weeks to write and rehearse, the time flew by with the help of her fellow campus ambassadors.

“My experience was awesome,” said Parki. “I had a blast getting to perform with my friends!”

Having fun and bonding with peers stood out as a common experience for most Court Warming candidates and those featured in their skits. Freshman Michelle Batliner, who played Belle in a Disney-themed skit, said that the process positively impacted her relationship with other Alpha Sigma Alpha members.

“It’s been a great time getting know my [sorority] sisters more,” Batliner stated.

Ultimately, Student Ambassador Tina Parki’s win was closely followed by Abigail Brinkmann in second place and Alpha Delta Pi’s Adele Soutar in third.

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