Saturday, January 15, 2022
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Roos Win One and Tie Two

Reported by:
Ceidra Coleman, Staff Writer
Ryan Hennessy, Sports Editor
Zach Linhares, Distribution Manager
(Cartoon by Mario Avila)

UMKC women’s soccer is off to a good start after winning one and tying two games at Durwood last weekend.

Win Against South Dakota

The Roos finished their weekend off with a strong performance against South Dakota on Sunday, which brought them a 2-0 win.

Reighan Childers scoring with her head on a corner-kick against Rockhurst. (Photo by Ryan Hennessy | U-News).
Reighan Childers scoring with her head on a corner-kick against Rockhurst. (Photo by Ryan Hennessy | U-News).

There were 7 minutes left in the second half when midfielder Reighan Childers scored a free kick right outside the 18-yard box.

The second goal began in the backfield in the 4th minute. The Roos were able to switch fields with some impressive passing between the midfielders and defenders. The ball was taken out wide by midfielder Kelsey Mothershead and passed ahead to forward Lexie Howard. She laid a crossed the ball into the box to Forward Kara Priest, who tapped in an easy goal.

The first half of the game proved the Roos were the dominant team. Midfielders and defense worked together to put high pressure on South Dakota’s offense.

Offensively, they strung together pass after pass, leading to shots on goal.

At the end of the first half and the start of the second, the Roos lost momentum. South Dakota took advantage with a series of shots on goal. South Dakota’s attack didn’t last for long, and the Roos quickly turned the half around and were able to pull off the strong victory.

Tie with Rockhurst Hawks on Sunday

In the second of UMKC’s two games, the Roos tied 1-1 with down the street rival, Rockhurst University.

The first 15 minutes of the match belonged to Division II Rockhurst with them scoring on their third shot in the 13th minute.

Answering back to the Hawks was mid-fielder Lilly Cobb, on a corner kick to sophomore, Reighan Childers, who headed a game tying goal in the 55th minute of play.

Despite being scored on early in the match, the Roos took 12 shots and possessed the ball for three-fourths of the game.

The Roos picked-up the energy after the first 10 minutes of play making passes and taking shots but came up short of making the go-ahead goal.

With 36 seconds left in the game mid-fielder, Lexie Howard had the chance to give the Roos the lead, but Rockhurst’s goalie made her sixth save of the game, leaving it tied at one.

Tie Against Creighton Blue Jays

The Roos came out slow in the first half, but before 10 minutes had passed they had the game’s momentum.

UMKC’s possession in the midfield was worth watching. With defenders in-tow, midfielders Childers, Howard, and Nikki Lynch worked the ball in a triangle between each other to gain space, before they would find attackers Priest and Kelsey Mothershead.

The first half score was tied at 0, but the opportunities favored the Roos.

Howard challenged the goalkeeper in the second half and stuck her so hard that the ball almost ended up going into the goal, but instead snuck by the side-post for a goal-kick.

Howard followed up this effort with a shot from 18-yards out. The keeper was forced to dive to her right, to get fingertips on the ball, and push it out-of-bounds.

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