Friday, May 27, 2022
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Roos soar over Cardinals in 75-64 exhibition win

UMKC Women’s Basketball gave a sneak peak of the upcoming season with a 75-64 victory over William Jewell in Saturday’s exhibition game.

This is the first season with Head Coach Jacie Hoyt, who told the University News Service that the team did an excellent job against the three-point shooting team.

In the first half, the Cardinals pulled away from the rim to take the game to the three-point range at 10-21 beyond the arc. This made no difference to the Roos as they made adjustments to wrangle in the Cardinals and claim a nine point lead in the first quarter.

“I thought we did a good job keeping composure against a great 3-point shooting team who is capable of making big runs,” noted coach Hoyt to University News Service.

It was close in the second quarter as the Cardinals took the lead 33-32 as the clock expired.

Junior forward, Kristen Moore, fought to get inside the paint for a layup but was unable to steal the lead from Jewell.

As the Roos returned from half-time they grabbed the lead, leaving the Cardinals behind.

Senior forward, Kiana Law, capped off an 8-0 runner with a jumper that put the Roos at 50-42.

The Roos kept the momentum going well into the fourth-quarter ending it with a 16-point lead over William Jewell.

Double point player for the match included senior guards, Samantha Waldron and Aries Washington, both at 16 points each.

The Roos will officially open up the regular season with a matchup at Western Illinois on Friday, Nov. 10 at 7 p.m. on ESPN3. The Roos will be on the road the entire month of November check out and the RooRundown at for away game coverage.

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