Saturday, April 17, 2021
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Roos Paint the Union

Paint 1 Paint 2 Paint 4


Campus organizations painted murals on the Student Union’s windows for Founders’ Week Sept. 28.


Roos Paint the Union gave the groups an opportunity to promote and show pride through art.      From 10 a.m.-4 p.m., students stood outside of Student Union windows and outlined and painted their murals. The University Theatre Association worked on their mural for hours into the afternoon.


“Our painting was a traditional Roo, but we decided to put a little Shakespearean twist on Hamlet’s soliloquy ‘to be or not to be,’ ‘to Roo or not to Roo’,” said UTA member Addison Butler.


This event was an opportunity for organizations to not only showcase their skills, but also let students know that they’re open to new members.


“UTA is one of those lesser known organizations at UMKC,” Butler said. “You can do it if you’re a non-theatre major. It’s for anyone that’s interested in theatre. So, this kind of gives us some exposure and for people to see that we are legitimately artists, and we are legitimately creative people.”


Enthusiastic organizations showed up throughout the day to paint their murals, but there was an overall disappointment in the number of groups which came and participated.


“I know in the past there wasn’t a lot of student involvement during Founders’ Week, and now UPB provides a lot of activities,” said Delta Rho member Diana Jung. “I was hoping to see more organizations involved in this event, and I was kind of shocked to see there’s only four of us.”



Despite the small turnout, the organizations involved had enough excitement and eagerness to support the entire event.


“This is a fun event,” said Delta Rho member Hallie Buchanan.” It kind of adds a little more pride because we get to advertise ourselves while being able to really say, ‘hey, we’re UMKC!’ I am so proud to be a part of this campus and I’m so happy to be a Roo. To see that not that many people are involved in this kind of stuff is kind of sad.”


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