Wednesday, January 26, 2022
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Roos on the road: Russian Edition


Study abroad is a viable option for many college students. You travel to a different country during your time as an undergraduate. For me, studying abroad was a life-changing experience, and most students who have studied abroad would concur. For the next few issues, I will feature five things about the experiences had by students who studied abroad.

Kira Mayo is 21 years old and studying theater and history. She studied abroad in St. Petersburg, Russia and lived with a Russian roommate in a dorm that also operated as a hostel. Studying abroad has motivated Mayo to go overseas as much as possible in the future.

1. What was a funny memory from studying abroad?

“A Russian guy muttering Lady Gaga lyrics in the middle of chapel.”

2. How is Russia different from the US?

“The food is much better quality, even most of their fast food. They live far more communal, so cleanliness is very important. They’re also much more connected to their history than we are and less distracted by entertainment.”

3. What do you miss the most?

“The people, the metro, walking everywhere, the language and the streets/street performers.”

4. What are some of your favorite Russian phrases?

“Russians have great proverbs. My favorite is ‘Gde rodilsya, tam i prigodilsya/the country where you were born needs you.’ Another one is ‘Menshe znayesh, luchshe speesh/the less you know, the better you sleep,’ or ‘pervi blin vsegda komam/the first pancake is always a blob.’ Another favorite: getting wasted is sometimes called ‘catching a squirrel.’”

5. What advice would you give to college students considering study abroad?

“If you want to go somewhere, now’s the time. If you’ll regret never seeing a place, then go NOW. Make sure you talk to as many natives as you can while you’re there. Don’t be stupid but take a lot of risks. You’ll probably only be there once.”

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