Thursday, May 26, 2022
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Roos Finish Season in Semi-Finals

The Roos finished the season Friday during a semi-final game against New Mexico State in the Western Athletic Conference Tournament.

The final score was 71-63.

Kristen Moore put up a career-high 23 points, Kelsey Barrett scored 11, Ceidra Coleman had 10, and Lyndsay Leikem had a double-double with 10 points and 10 rebounds.

The Roos were the pests that wouldn’t go away until the final whistle — trailing 39 out of 40 minutes. The Aggies earned the victory by shooting  63 percent from the 3-point line, while the Roos hit one out of 11 attempts. This number jumps out on the stat sheet and more than accounts for the game’s eight point difference.

However, the biggest difference on the stat sheeet was the amount of opportunities the Roos generated during the game. UMKC shot the ball 20 more times than NM State (albeit, 38 percent field shooting did not help).

NM State came into the game with a first-round bye. The Roos knew they were going to have to play harder than a team with fresh legs, and they did that.

UMKC grabbed 14 more rebounds, and pressed NM State wherever they went. The ESPN 3 camera crew didn’t film the teams going into the lockerroom at halftime, but Roo fans wouldn’t have been surprised to see UMKC boxing out Aggies at the water fountain.

The Aggies had 12 more regular season wins than the Roos. UMKC was outscored by five points in the first period, two in the second, and seven in the third, but not the fourth. The Roos outscored the Aggies by six.

NM State is a good team, probably the best in the WAC, and the Roos forced them to prove that by playing their best basketball of the year.

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