Thursday, May 26, 2022
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RooFlix and Chill: Hop on to watch movies

How many times have you scrolled through Netflix or Hulu searching for a specific movie, only to be disappointed when you find it unavailable? Well RooFlix, UMKC’s new streaming service, has you covered.

If you’ve moved into one of UMKC’s residence halls or the Hospital Hill Apartments recently, you probably already know about RooFlix, which was launched last semester.

The service is set up similarly to Netflix. It features a wide variety of movies and new releases for students to enjoy in between classes and studying.

Music composition major Alex Williams said, “RooFlix was introduced as a substitution for cable TV at the residence halls. People were on average not using the cable TV provided in the individual dorm rooms…so they ended up cutting it and creating RooFlix as a substitute.”

According to the Residential Life newsletter, RooFlix has already proven very popular with students, averaging 2,500 movies streamed per week.

Although it was introduced with students living on campus in mind, it is available to anyone attending UMKC.

“It is accessible to everyone using UMKC WiFi,” Williams said.

As far as what kind of content is available, Residential Life Director Sean Grube described it as a service they want students to have an active role in.

“Each month, UMKC receives a catalog of movies which we can add to our service,” Grube wrote in the newsletter. “Up to this point we have been selecting all the new releases as well as other movies that have proven to be the most popular based on viewing data. We would like your help in selecting these movies so that you can watch exactly what you want.”

Although art history major Cara Nordengren doesn’t use RooFlix much because she prefers TV series to movies, she thinks the service is a great feature for students.

“I do like that it has a lot of recently released movies that Netflix and Hulu don’t have,” said Nordengren. “The other cool thing is that on-campus residents get a monthly survey emailed to them to vote on what they want added to the service, so we get to have an influence.”

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