Review: “A Quiet Place”

STRESS. STRESS. STRESS. NERVOUS BREAKDOWN. ANXIETY. STRESS. And that’s pretty much how you’re going to feel throughout the entire movie.

John Krasinski did not go wrong with “A Quiet Place”, and I’m not only saying this because I love ‘The Office.” As a person who hates horror, I enjoyed watching it mostly because I’d classify it as a thriller, so don’t go in expecting it to scare you.

If anything, this movie dwells into the importance of family and will more than likely get your emotions riled up. Also, making his (Krasinski’s) real-life wife, Emily Blunt, play alongside him as his wife in the movie was perfect, because it captured the essence of how real their family’s love and bond actually is.

However, the amount of jump-scares, anxious moments and near-to-death scenes will quickly take you back into the reality of their world: silence is survival. There are no spoilers in this article so I’ll leave it up to you to learn more about the characters and storyline.

Other than that, it’s mostly a quiet movie, with little spoken words. That’s the whole point. Stay quiet, or the gruesome creepy creatures will come to get you. The story was told through relying on cinematic visuals and sign language, which was impressive, but please be mindful at the theater and don’t munch on your popcorn too loud.

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