Tuesday, November 30, 2021
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Restaurant Week: Stock Hill- An Exceptional, Elegant Eatery

Hundreds of local restaurants participated in serving meals for either $15 or $33 starting Friday, Jan. 12 for Kansas City’s annual Restaurant Week.

I decided, what better place to eat than a restaurant named one of the 31 best steakhouses in America by Thrillist: Stock Hill.

Not only does this place have delicious food, but it’s located right on the Plaza—convenient for UMKC students.

Upon arrival, a staff member opened the door for me, and I was immediately greeted with three smiling faces—one of which took me to my seat. Soon after, a gentleman came and poured me a glass of water.

I was able to admire the décor, while briefly waiting on my waiter: A beautiful tall winery in the middle of the polished wood floor, crystal chandeliers and a winding staircase. This was when I knew, Stock Hill is no ordinary restaurant, but one for special occasions.

My waiter came, introduced himself, and handed out not only the menu, but the restaurant’s mission statement. Offering me an alternative drink and bread, he said he’d give me a few moments to enjoy it and look over the menu.

The bread – warm, garlic bread topped with parsley and butter on the side, melted in your mouth.

My appetizer was the chestnut and cauliflower soup consisting of a puree, shaved cauliflower, chives, cranberries and curried cashews. It was lovely, but it could have done without the cranberries.

After my appetizer, the manager asked how my food tasted, and the waiter stopped by to let me know my entrée would be out shortly.

I asked if a refill on my lemonade would be free, and was told no. Had I not asked, I wouldn’t have known until I received my bill. Waiters should warn customers about refill costs without prompting, so customers know what to expect when their ticket arrives.

My entrée was the Waygu Burger which had a BBQ rub, bacon jam, Green Dirt Farm fresh peppercorn cheese, fried onion, an over easy egg and a side of fries.

Although the fries were triple fried, they weren’t greasy at all, nor dry. The burger was nothing short of delicious. The smoky taste of the BBQ rub made me long for the summer. The bacon jam added a sweetness that intensified the crispiness of the fried onions. However, I couldn’t taste the peppercorn cheese at all. I would highly recommend the burger.

After this, a different waiter boxed the rest of my food, since mine seemed to forget about me near the end of service, and I received my bill.

Throughout service, however, my water glass was constantly filled, and I was consistently asked how my food tasted.

Bottom line is, Stock Hill employees treated me like royalty, and they didn’t treat me any different from customers who weren’t participating in restaurant week.

The only downfall was that if you’re on a budget, or a broke college student, this place is not for you.

The prices are high, and on a normal week, the burger and soup I ordered would have totaled $25—a little pricy for your average meal.

For an anniversary, promotion celebration, or birthday, however, Stock Hill is the perfect place to go. The staff will insure you are treated just as special as the occasion you’re celebrating.




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