Thursday, January 20, 2022
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Republican presidential primary race kicks off with Iowa caucus

As 2012 arrives, the candidates for the presidential election draws are testing the waters with preliminaries like the recent Iowa Caucus on Jan. 3.

Many articles and headlines are just going by the numbers. If that’s the case, Mitt Romney won by an eight-vote margin over Rick Santorum, which calculates to a one-tenth of a percentage point. Ron Paul is nipping at their heels, behind by a little more than three percent.

Some articles debate which Republican candidate won, with regards to their campaigns. An article from is betting on Paul based on his percentage of votes from people ages 18 to 29, which was almost half. According to the same article, Paul said during a live interview on NBC’s Today Show on Wednesday morning, “That’s where the excitement is, and that’s where the changes are coming about,” in retaliation to some Republicans who feel the support of the youth isn’t relevant.

Who really won though? An article on says that nobody really won because there weren’t a sufficient number of voters involved. “Of the 2,250,423 voters in the state (using the higher voting-eligible population), only 147,255 came out last night. And of those, only 122,255 voted in the Republican contest, for a turnout percentage of 5.4 percent,” Jason Linkins said in the article. “And if any of the hype about Democrats, Occupiers, Anarchists, interlopers, and stray ACORN activists … — all voting on the GOP side to gum up the works — is true, it’s possible that there was an even smaller percentage of sincere GOP voters,” Linkins wrote.

With presidential primaries running through June, everything is still up in the air, and with candidates still coming and going, no one can be certain what the results will reveal.

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