Saturday, March 6, 2021
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Regnier Career Accelerator Opens Doors to All Students

Last Friday marked the 4th annual Regnier Career Accelerator Event and this time, all students were welcome. Zach Petett, a 2015 UMKC graduate, kicked off the event by sharing his advice with students.

“There is one thing I want you all to comport with and it is four words. I am a student- if you put those four words in an email asking to get coffee with somebody, your chances have more than likely went up by 90%”.

The event began with a panel teaching students the rules of applying for a job. Brian Kearns of HipHire and Melissa Roberts of the Enterprise Center in Johnson County led the panel, along with Petett. The speakers discussed their process of growth in the entrepreneurial world and how to properly network.

For the first time in the event’s history, the Career Accelerator was offered to all of Kansas City’s thriving entrepreneurial college students. The participating universities included the University of Missouri, University of Kansas, Rockhurst University and Kansas State University. Allowing students from different universities and different degree programs to participate created a diverse environment, with students sharing the common goal of developing an entrepreneurial career.

The panel was followed by round table sessions, which consisted of 10-minute conversations with different companies. If the conversation was fluid and students goals matched well with the company’s objectives, there was a good chance of getting either an internship or job offer.

For certain students whom the companies felt they connected with, a private interview location was offered to further discuss employment options.

For those interested in gaining professional advice through a hands-on experience, employers and students alike suggest checking out next year’s Career Accelerator.

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