Friday, January 28, 2022
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Real Housewives Take Adderall

As a bartender, one is bound to hear some pretty outrageous conversations.  In fact, according to most patrons, it’s practically in the job description that he who holds the vodka cranberry gains the right to disclose all personal information. Thus, we embrace the stereotype and our duties shift from drink slinger to therapist.

Typically, I don’t mind the unwarranted conversation because,, depending on the subject and the level of intoxication, the content usually always takes a turn toward the realm of entertaining. Recently, I walked into work with every intention of opting out of said therapist duties simply because I was exhausted and the act of small talk seemed entirely too daunting.

I was quickly defeated when I overheard a couple guests discussing Adderrall and referring it to what apparently ABC news had dubbed “the new housewife drug.” My ears perked, my attention zoned, and my dishes immediately dropped to last on my to-do list. I abruptly interrupted the conversation, begging that this woman please explain to me how a prescribed drug for ADHD has become the recreational drug for soccer moms.

On a collegiate level, the prescribed amphetamine has been on the rise with or without prescription since 2010. In fact, according to a recent CNN survey, the highly addictive drug is becoming so common that students don’t see any problems with it. Guilty as charged, when I hear of fellow students dishing out Adderall, I don’t even think twice, but to think my mom could potentially partake forced me into some questioning.

As I began to dig, I found the common thread among the seemingly trendy drug and housewives: the evolution of supermom. Women around the country happily attested to the fact that they became better moms after taking Adderrall. ABC focused on a suburban mom from Minneapolis who would work all day and night to accomplish household duties. However, addiction quickly ensued and she eventually went from Adderall to meth.

With Adderall quickly becoming so easily accessible, scientists are beginning to suggest that the drug should be legalized. The purpose in doing so would be to bring focus and understanding. It would be hard to deny a quick pick-me-up for the long list of daunting tasks we often face. However, does this mean our lives have gotten so complicated we are unable to utilize our organizational and time management skills?

Call me old-fashioned, but to accept the idea that my mom, aunt or eventually I, rely on Adderall to get the laundry done does not sit well. I sympathize with the fact that we now live in a generation of fast pace and easy access, but I refuse to accept laziness. Let us not confuse Adderall with Advil and dole it out with no qualms. Instead, let’s remember the best prescription for getting laundry done is a strong cup of coffee and, of course, separating darks and whites .




















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