Tuesday, May 17, 2022
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Real estate CEO talks to students

Ron Pressman, GE Capital Real Estate CEO, discusses business with students in the Student Union
Ron Pressman, GE Capital Real Estate CEO, discusses business with students in the Student Union

What does it take to get your foot in the door in today’s turbulent economy? Ambition.

Ron Pressman, CEO of General Electric (GE) Capital Real Estate, held a discussion with UMKC students in the Students Union on Tuesday, Jan. 11.

“The principle reason we (GE) came to UMKC was to build a good relationship with the school and support its efforts,” Pressman said. “Also, to get a chance to meet with the students, share some experiences and see the quality of the students, as they could potentially be working for us in the future. It’s all about career building and job opportunities for the students.”

Many of the students were present and future entrepreneurs attending in hopes of gaining some valuable information from Pressman about how to be an effective CEO.

Pressman’s business, GE Capital Real Estate, is doing well, he explained to the students, and that came from years of climbing the business ladder and achieving success.

Pressman has been employed by GE for more than 30 years and has been acting as CEO of GE Capital Real Estate for the past 18 years.

GE operates in 35 countries and has $35 billion in assets.

The company launched a new business recently to promote growth and diversify operations.

A principal reason for doing so was to reflect an ever-changing economy.

Pressman is aware that the asset management field market around the world represents more than $55 trillion in revenue, and it’s climbing by at least eight-10 percent each year.

Pressman gave a brief introduction of himself and a run-through of where GE Capital Real Estate is and where he wants to take it.

Afterward, he opened the floor to questions.

Students had many questions, and Pressman did his best to address each student.

First impressions mean a heck of a lot in this type of situation.

Some led the flow of questions and others sat back listening intently, taking notes.

Pressman impressed the most, though, by living up to the expectations of his admiring followers.

Pressman presented a down-to-earth atmosphere during the discussion.

The meeting was indeed all about career building.

For many in the room, the discussion represented a baby step toward an ultimate goal, the first step into the real world and on to a career.

For more information on GE Capital Real Estate, visit www.gecapitalrealestate.com.


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