“Pursue Good Stuff” and Help Her Art | Women’s Center Hosts Event for Artists and Charity

Going into the Christmas season, the UMKC Women’s Center could not have picked a better time to host a shopping event. They partnered up with STUFF, a retail shop located at 316 W 63rd Street, last Thursday for an evening of wine, conversation and collections of art from local, regional, national and international artists. All of the original and unique pieces sold during the event will not only make great gifts, but will also benefit a great cause. Fifteen percent of the proceeds will go to the Her Art Project, a UMKC Women’s Center Program.

“The goal of the program is to promote female artists in all media,” said Women’s Center Director Dr. Brenda Bethman. “We reach out to all the arts groups in the community. Arzie Umali, our assistant Director, is herself a painter so she has a lot of good contacts with people. We work both within UMKC and in the community outside too.”

Co-owner of STUFF, Sloane Simmons, has proven to be a very valuable contact for supporting the Her Art Project. Simmons has served on the board of the UMKC Women’s Center in the past, even acting as President for a time. She praised the versatility of the Her Art Project and their reach in the community.

Although Simmons has a personal connection to the UMKC Women’s Center, she and her sister, co-owner Casey Simmons, have an entire season of giving planned that benefits many other organizations.

“My sister and I are thrilled to do what we do…represent local artists in our store,” Simmons said. “Everybody goes shopping at Christmas, but here you can come on a night, my sister and I provide food and beverage, charities come, and 15% of anything they purchase will benefit their charity.”

This year, STUFF turns 20 years old. They will end 2016 having hosted 22 shopping events that benefit local charities such as MOCSA, KC CARE Clinic, No Kid Hungry and many more. All the organizations are non-profit, and the proceeds they receive from STUFF are used in Kansas City, ensuring that our community is directly benefited.


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