Protest plans unfold

Mayor Sly James urged students across Kansas City to join the nationwide movement to end gun violence last week.

Many of those students are planning answering this call by joining the March for Our Lives campaign.

“You may be our last and best hope for change,” James wrote. “You can’t leave it to us adults alone. We need you to demand that the politicians protect your constitutional right to life.”

Students at Parkland High School created March for Our Lives to end gun violence and mass shootings. The campaign is planning a series of protests across the United States on March 24.

Kansas City will host one of these protests at Mill Creek Park on the Plaza. According to the Facebook page created for the march, weekly meetings on every Saturdays leading up to the protests at the J.C. Nichols fountain at the Plaza.

Local groups, including Kansas City Veterans for Peace and Stand Up KC, plan to host the protest.

James approves of the gathering, writing, “Some of you have already started organizing, meeting, speaking out. Soon, many of you will be marching. Keep at it until they start listening to your demands for change and take action.”

Students hope these events can make their voices loud and clear to politicians both local and nationwide. By doing so, they have taken the mayor’s advice—becoming prominent voices in this national discussion.

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