Pride lecture packs a punch

UMKC Pride Alliance welcomed Jamaican-born poet and activist Staceyann Chin for the annual Pride Lecture event.

Throughout the presentation, Chin presented herself as a militant, strong voice about gender issues and national politics.

Susan Wilson, Vice-Chancellor for Diversity at UMKC, served as one of the

introductory speakers. She mentioned the crucial role of faculty, staff and students in terms of creating an atmosphere of LGBTQIA pride.

Shortly afterwards, Chin started her address. It was intelligently presented, with some of it off-the-cuff and some of it planned and written out beforehand. Chin is a poet and activist, and she gave pertinent reflections about her life and art form.

Early on in her speech, she gave a humorous line about Kansas City andits environs.

“I am always deeply in awe of people who live in the Midwest,” Chin said.

The most passionate part of her talk was about President Trump.

She repeated the mantra-like comment, “Donald J. Trump is not my President,” throughout the last part of her talk.

Johnathan Pryor, Assistant Director of LGBTQIA Programs and Services at UMKC, was pleased with the overall presentation.

“Staceyann was very well received and I’m happy that she was able to engage our campus in a conversation about the complexity identity, politics and activism,” Pryor said.

To find more LGBTQIA events, visit UMKC Pride Alliance on Facebook.

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