Monday, May 16, 2022
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Pretty Lights was exactly that


In the middle of a multicolor stage, Derek Vincent Smith (Pretty Lights) stood surrounded by five other musicians, and was greeted by an audience of  young and wild fans at the Midland Theater last Thursday.

The Colorado native kicked off his North American tour in Kansas City to feature his newest album, “A Color Map of the Sun.” For the first time, Smith included a full live band for this tour.

Smith’s show lasted longer than two hours, showing the wide-age range and bright-dressed audience how to expertly create electronic sound accompanied by live music, which included metals, drums and keyboards.

Smith’s music prominently features electro mid-tempo beats and vocals.

The experience included songs from “A Color Map of the Sun,” as well as older hits that blew the audience’s mind, especially when he entered stage with “Color of my Soul.”

Throughout the show, Smith left his turntable to play his bass guitar on top of the hip-hop infused and melodic electronic beats of his distinctive melodies like “Prophet,” “Let’s Get Busy” and the softer and slower “Yellow Bird.”

As the musician’s stage name “Pretty Lights” suggests, an important part of the show was based on a strong visual element that served as the perfect addition for the rave-like experience. During the entire show, the multicolor mix of lasers, LEDs and neon lights portrayed the ingenious and creative apex of state-of-the-art lighting.


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