Sunday, April 11, 2021
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Pregnant in college

Being pregnant while in college is similar to not being pregnant in college.

You may find yourself sleeping late…but that’s because your baby is borrowing your energy, not because you stayed up until 3 a.m.

You may find yourself feeling nauseous during class…though not because of a hangover, rather it’s morning sickness.

You welcome the ten minute break that comes during long classes…not because you can go outside and smoke but because there’s a baby doing head stands on your bladder.

No longer do I stay up late at night writing that 10 page essay that I should have started two weeks ago with coffee as my fuel.

Apparently, growing fetuses don’t like caffeine. Decaf still has that rich bold flavor; it can slightly trick my brain into alertness.

I don’t mind these slight adjustments.

There are some ways being pregnant alters college life in an almost unforgivable way.

Did you know pregnant women shouldn’t eat Ramen Noodles? Can you even call yourself a college student if you don’t have Ramen?

Apparently, the sodium is too high and it turns out that no one should eat Ramen ever.

What a crazy world!

The hardest thing about being pregnant in college isn’t the slight adjustments; it’s the lack of focus.

The lack of focus is scientifically termed, “Pregnancy Brain.”

A pregnant woman is more forgetful.

Her mind is on this glorious new human being rolling around inside her gut, kicking her when she bends over too far or tries to sleep.

A pregnant woman wonders, “How hard will this being kick me when it gets out of my body? What will I say to it then? Will it stop at that point?”

Pregnancy Brain is not just preoccupation with the life-changing event, it is a decrease in brain cells, during the later stages.

It is the equivalent of the old commercial with the egg frying in a pan, “This is your brain on pregnancy. Any questions?”

Pregnancy Brain has caused some mothers-to-be to miss flights by sitting in the wrong airport.

For me, it has caused me to believe some of my classes start an hour later than they actually do. Oops.

Most pregnancy websites encourage new mothers to write things down that they need to remember. Now if only I could remember where I left my datebook.

It’s also recommended that pregnant women use their cell phone’s scheduled alarms to help remind them where they have to be and what time.

Where did I leave my cell phone? Will you call it so I can find it?

Why is my lap-top in the refrigerator?

Pregnancy Brain is frustrating because I would rather have Geography Brain, Communications Brain, Remote Sensing Brain, and what other classes am I taking?

I forget. I wish I had those brains, too.

I feel like the Scarecrow up in here.

All I can do to get through this time is remember how important it is for my kid to have a well-educated mom.

My education is more important now that I have created a small being who is completely dependent on me.

I owe it to my child to succeed.

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