Poetry night at Nightblooms

Nightblooms is a quiet bookstore that opens its mouth at night and invites you in with its antique atmosphere.

I expected the atmosphere of their poetry night to be a club setting, with swirling hips and an overcrowded bar. Instead, poetry night and Nightblooms gave me intimacy, with its bookshelves keeping the poets and their audience comfortably hidden from the outside world. The shop’s hardwood floors seem to beg for more scratches, and the store is consumed with plants, benches and little tables that welcome guests in and allow them focus on the person sitting at the front of the room.

First poet of the night was Evan Thomas, and his poem, “Autumn Fires Sonata” kicked off the evening. Latin language danced sporadically throughout this poem, which was inspired by legendary poets Ovid and Dante.

Evan Thomas recites his poems at last week’s Poetry night.

Evan Thomas recites his poems at last week’s Poetry night.

My favorite figurative lines were “licked through fire”, “torso honey”, and “eyes full of fields”. The audience was hanging on intensely to Evan’s words while in between his poems, employees handed out coffee and sub sandwiches like samples at Sam’s Club.

After Evan, I immediately grew close to the next poet, John Hastings, a man whose humor you could grasp if you had an outdated mindset and an open mind. “Who’s Frida?” is a poem inspired by artist Frida Kahlo that clung to me like sweat on a classic Coke bottle. “Seeing her in a light” made it evident that this was a poem which embraced women.

John also presented a poem called “To a Poet Lately Met,” a dark poem with lines such as, “You were so much sincere about being alive than was I.” The piece was captivating, only to be escaped by staring out the window to look at the cars crossing the overpass of the highway. John recited other bleak poems that made me think of the book that laid in front of me at my table, The Ethical Slut by Janet W. Hardy and Dassie Easton.

Many other talented poets entertained the book store that night and made this poetry night all the more cozy and warm.

Nightblooms was founded Jan. 1, 2016 by Sam Jones and Ruby Hanson. Originally built to provide a darkroom space for the public, Ruby suggested they add a bookstore to keep the business sustained. This cool little shop offers coffee, subs, books, a darkroom and poetry weekly.

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