Wednesday, May 25, 2022
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Playing Season With Grit

The women’s volleyball team played their last home game against New Mexico State [MNSU] on Saturday. It was also senior night, dedicated to senior players, Kaylyn Brandt, Emma Hagedorn, Madison Mosier, and Brianna Starr. The seniors hugged their families and fans at the end of the match with tears as they said goodbye to the regular season.

Both teams brought energy. The first set was evenly matched as both teams continued to tie. It wasn’t until the 12-13 run where the tie was broken, and MNSU took the lead. The 13-16 run was one of the longest rallies. Each team kept attacking and digging kills. Thanks to a double block by UMKC, the Roos began a comeback, 15-17.

Even with determination, the Roos were unable to make a full comeback and fell short to MNSU, 19-25. With the second set in motion, the Roos had a hard time controlling the ball, as man shots ended out-of-bonds. However, they managed to tie the game during the 9-9 run, but trailed behind MNSU shortly afterwards. MNSU delivered powerful kills which the Roos could not return with success. During the 13-17 run, junior, Devan Porter, hit the ball into two MNSU players for a block, but she managed a return over the net.

Kaylan Brandt prepares serve. (Credit | Ryan Hennessy)
Kaylan Brandt prepares serve. (Credit | Ryan

Our goal is to play clean volleyball,” said UMKC senior Madison Mosier. “We always talked about playing this season with grit.”

Previous to the game the Roos had a seven-home game win streak.  Mosier mentioned the boost that playing at Swinney gave the team. She said the home court advantage made her feel comfortable and it will be a bittersweet experience leaving.

MNSU quickly took control of the last sets. MNSU won the second set with a score of 19-24. Things turned to UMKC’s favor during the third set. At 15-13, the Roos had the lead. It wasn’t a long-living lead, but it roused UMKC fans. Around the 18-24 run, the Roos were again down but generated four straight points. Every match point the Roos denied was a way of keeping the seniors around for just a little longer.

From left: Emma Hagedorn, Brianna Starr, Madison Mosier, and Kaylan Brandt on senior night. (Credit | Ryan Hennessy)
From left: Emma Hagedorn, Brianna Starr, Madison Mosier, and Kaylan Brandt on senior night.
(Credit | Ryan Hennessy)

Despite their best efforts, UMKC fell to MNSU in the third set. With the regular season over, the Roos will head to New Mexico State  for the conference tournament.

“I love this team,” said senior Brianna Starr. “We still have an opportunity to win this whole thing.”

Starr was not sorrowful about the loss as she has high hopes for the conference tournament. As a goal, she and her teammates, wishes to win the whole thing. Overall, the Roos finish the regular season with a record of 15-12 and 8-6 record in the Western Athletic Conference.

Game times and opponents for the tournament will be posted on the UMKC Athletics website.

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